Family Focus Program


Village Ranch’s Family Focus Program is a 12-week program which centers around assisting parents with transitioning their adolescent home with the necessary support and services to ensure successful reintegration into the community.

The goal of the Family Focus Program is the development and implementation of a
family–specific support plan equipping them for a successful reunification with their adolescent.


Two Referral Options to our 12-Week Family Focus Program:

  • Client is currently in placement at Village Ranch and can finish in the Family Focus Program the last 12 weeks.

  • Direct referral to the 12-week Family Focus Program.


Village Ranch offers a 12-week residential out-of-home placement for adolescent males ages 12-18. While in placement residents will work on examining issues which impacted their relationship with family. Residents will be held accountable for their actions and explore alternative methods to improve their relationship with family, with the end-goal being family reunification.

Residents will have a separate living arrangement from the standard programming at Village Ranch. This will allow more one-on-one programming with experienced staff as well as an environment conducive to focusing on common issues in a group setting.

Other services offered to the resident while in placement include:

  • Individual and family therapy

  • Weekly assignments with group processing

  • Experienced staff working one and one with the resident

  • Weekly home visits (if meet eligibility requirements) to work on family issues

  • Onsite education

  • Positive peer culture

The Family Focus Program maintains weekly contact with the parents, both in person and by phone.

Areas of need are clearly identified and articulated with the necessary interventions described in:

• Parent support plans
• Parent well-being strategies
• Family engagement and readiness plans
• Targeted areas for teen development
• Family communication strategies


For referrals, contact: Bill Salmela, Residential Program Director
Phone: (320) 286-2922 Ext. 204 ⬧ Cell: (612) 270-2139