Foster Care Program


Village Ranch offers a Foster Care Program for children from birth up to age 21. Foster care homes are located throughout the state of Minnesota.

Village Ranch will provide treatment and care to children and their families to support their resiliency and assist in empowering them to fulfill their potential. It is our intention to provide a safe and nurturing environment to assist in addressing the issues that precipitated the child's out-of-home placement. Village Ranch will consider all children for placement while considering the individual needs of the child and the child's best interest.

Foster Care Homes!

There continues to be a need for foster care homes for children of all ages - infant to teenagers. Currently, we have an urgent need for homes for teenage boys, girls and sibling groups. 
Village Ranch would like to partner with you to complete licensure and then provide ongoing training and daily/weekly support equipping you to provide these much needed services. 

Might you consider opening up your home to children? 

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Foster Care Families

Village Ranch is licensed through the Minnesota Department of Human Services to license, supervise and support families who have a desire to impact youth and their families through foster care.

To become a Foster Care Parent you must:

  • be 21 years of age or older,

  • successfully pass a background study,

  • complete initial and ongoing licensing requirements,

  • complete required training,

  • have a reliable source of transportation,

  • have a desire to parent children with challenging behaviors in a positive and supportive manner, provide structure, consistency and stability to meet the needs of the child, and be committed to the child's needs, which include cultural, emotional, social, physical, educational, and spiritual.

Village Ranch offers support and assistance to Foster Care Families by providing:

  • Assigned Case Manager providing weekly contact and support to the families

  • 24-hour on-call crisis management

  • Access to Village Ranch's "Continuum of Care"

  • Minimum of twice per month visits to the foster care homes and visits with the children in placement

  • Development of placement plans, identifying goals and monitoring progress toward goals

  • Assistance in providing training and accessing community resources to meet the needs of the child and licensing requirements

  • Assistance and support in addressing educational needs

Village Ranch will work collaboratively with the placing agency, families, the court system and other individuals involved to support the child and the goals of the placement.

To make a foster care home referral, contact our Foster Care Program Director, Tracey Swanson, here.

Foster home openings and availability coming soon.